#2 - Toasted black Cavendish forms the base with bright Cavendish and Virginia added. Subtle black cherry rounds out this blend.

Our Santa Fe Blends

Danforth - Sweet aromatic Virginia tobaccos with just enough black Cavendish to please.

Cherry Pie - A Burley based-blend with the aroma of cherry pie!  Enjoy!

Kahlua - A mild blend of Cavendish & Virginia's sweetened with Kahlua and Amaretto. A treat for the taste buds!

Pinnacle - A sweet black Cavendish blended with the aroma of fruit and vanilla.  Delicious!

Pecos Trail-A - A Burley and black Cavendish with the aroma of nuts and vanilla.

Boss' Blend - A lightly aromatic blend of steam cured Cavendish, Virginia's and a light touch of Burley.  Mild, yet flavorful with a pleasing aroma.

Oso Negro - A steam cured black Cavendish with the flavor and aroma of vanilla. Cool and mild.

Cordon Bleu - A light aromatic blend of steamed Cavendish and Eastern Mediterranean tobaccos.

Private Reserve - A unique blend of steam cured tobaccos, none milder

and our most popular.  Often imitated, but never duplicated.

Pipe Tobacco - Aromatics              Call to order: 888-706-0511

Navy Flake - Mature Virginia's flue-cured and spiced with Perique. Flake slice cut.


With hundreds of pipes to choose from you will be sure to find a new addition to your

pipe collection.  We have a vast collection ranging from $15 to over $600.  Some of our brands looking for a new home are Savinelli, Stefano,  L'anatra, Ben Wade, Ferndown, Butz Choquin, Mauro Armellini, Caminetto, La Rocca, Britannia, Cassano,  Comoy, haratan, Design Berlin, GBD, Nording, Karl Erik, Peterson, Ser Jacopo‚Ķjust to name a few.  We also have a nice collection of Meerschaum pipes and all the accessories to make your pipe smoking an enjoyable experience.

Pipes & Pipe Tobacco

Virginia Supreme - Something a little different.  Ribbon cut golden Virginia's of the highest quality.  Mildly aromatic.

Rum Runner - The very name conjures up a sublime experience.  This is a unique blend of flavored 

Black, pressed ribbon cut Virginia and Burley,  punctuated with rum and vanilla with just a hint of caramel.

Especial - A blend of Virginia's, mellow Burley, steam and fire-cured Cavendish with the flavor and aroma of chocolate and raspberries.

Black Mesa - A smooth steam cured black Cavendish withthe aroma and flavor of vanilla and caramel.

MacBaren's Scottish Mixture - Ready rubbed mature Virginia's, Burley & Cavendish.  Slightly aromatic.

Nugget - A Black and Burley with a touch of Virginia.  Full-bodied, yet mellow to the taste.

Mayan - Steam and fire-cured Cavendish with aroma of chocolate.

Black Knight - A well-rounded blend of Virginia's, mellow Burley and a steamed Cavendish with the flavor and aroma of black raspberries.

Morning Pipe - A great "first pipe" of the day for the fan of English mixtures.  Awaken your senses with this blend of Orientals, bright red Virginia's and a hint of Latakia.

#5 - A Virginia and black Cavendish blend with the hint of vanilla and rum. Pleases the palate.

Evening Pipe - A full English mixture with Latakia and exotic Oriental tobaccos.  Designed for evening pipe smoking pleasure.

English Blends

Blending Tobaccos


Norwegian PT - Milder Virginia tobacco, air-cured Burley and fine Oriental tobaccos blended into a 

milder mixture.

Danish PT - A quality blend of Virginia's from 3 Continents.

Turkish PT - Delicate Turkish from the Black Sea coast blended with Virginia's.

Dutch PT - A spicy blend of fire-cured Kentucky and rich Virginia tobaccos.

Baker Street - Black Cavendish and Carolina tobaccos are blended with Cyprian Latakia.  Medium to full-bodied.

Balkan Blend - A luxury blend of 4 exotic Turkish tobaccos, large amounts of Latakia and the finest aged Virginia's.

#1 - A blend of cool-burning black Cavendish and pure Burley to add a slightly nutty taste.

#3 - Here's a Burley blend with the great aroma without the Burley's traditional bite!

#4- Golden Virginia, Burley and toasted Cavendish are blended to create a highly aromatic, medium bodied smoke.

Bright Virginia Ribbon - Golden Virginia, ribbon-cut and perfect for blending.

Pressed Burley - Add some body to your blend with pressed Burley.

Louisiana Perique - Genuine St. James Parrish Perique - long cut.

Latakia - Long-cut Cyprian Latakia with an intense smoky aroma and flavor.